Gianni Versace Fall/Winter 1997

00:12 Mark Vanderloo
00:16 Jason Lewis
00:20 Reinaldo Ritts
00:21 Colin Egglesfield
00:25 Alex Lundqvist
00:27 Marcus Schenkenberg
00:37 Keith Mallos
00:43 Scott Barnhill
00:47 Sascha Eiblmayr
00:52 Mike Campbell
01:01 Ludovico Benazzo
01:04 Boris Beynet
01:06 Myc Agnew
01:09 Wyatt Nelson
01:14 Brett Hollands
01:17 Thom Gwin
01:20 Gabriel Hill
01:26 Marcel
01:37 Dimitri Lekkos
01:45 Jason Smith
01:48 Andrea Boccaletti
01:52 Jason Shaw
01:54 Alex Lundqvist
02:05 Joel Fumero
02:11 Berthil Espegren
02:15 Colin Egglesfield
02:33 Thom Gwin
02:54 Cameron Alborzian

Video by FashionTV
Thanks to Israel and Gaby for helping with ids


tuespr said...

What an incredible spread of guys!
Is there --- anywhere!--- a gallery of high quality pix of this collection?

Johec said...

only the 4 that I had posted years ago, sadly not Brett, I know is the one you are really interested but if you look the last picture under the arm of Gianni there's a guy in red, I think that's Brett. ;)

Johec said...

oh! I remember has pics of this collection but I don't have access to that website.

Gaby said...

At 01:01 that is Ludovico Benazzo, not Andrea Boccaletti; 01:04 is Boris Beynet; 01:06 is Myc Agnew; 01:09 is Wyatt Nelson, 01:26 is Marcel (another first name guy); 01:37 is Dimitri Lekkos; 01:45 is Jason Smith; 01:48 is Andrea Boccaletti; 02:05 is Joel Fumero, brother of David Fumero; and 02:15 is Colin Egglesfield.

Israel said...

My version of the line-up: at 00:12 Mark van der Loo, 00:16 Jason Lewis, 00:21 Reinaldo Ritts, oo:21 (grey suit & walking away fast) Colin Egglesfield, 00:25 Alex Lunqvist, 00:28 Marcus Schenkenberg, 00:32 James Polanski, 00:37 Keith Mallos, 00:43 Scott Barnhill, 00:46 Sascha Eiblmayr, 00:52 Mike Campbell, 01:01 Ludovico Benazzo, 01:04 Boris Beynet, 01:07 Myc Agnew, 01:08 Wyatt Nelson, 01:14 Brett Hollands, 01:17 Thom Gwin, 01:20 Gabriel Hill, 01:25 Marcel, 01:37 Dimitri Lekkos, 01:45 Jason Smith, 01:49 Andrea Boccaletti, 01:51 Jason Shaw, 01:54 Alex Lundqvist, 02:05 Joel Fumero, 02:12 Berthil Espegren, 02:14 Colin Egglesfield, 02:33 Thom Gwin... and the usual ones, all over again.

Johec said...

I really thought that was Andrea :))

Jason Smith is very handsome, is he still modeling?

Colin Egglesfield walks very funny, handomse guy too.

It seems Myc Agnew and Mike Campbell were in every Versace show in those years :-o

thanks guys for the ids, so much fun ;)

Israel said...

Oh, I was like: "Cameron...?!?!? where..?!?!?!" I see him now, is he like sitting or just kind of far from the camera recording them?

Johec said...

that's right, he also appears at 00:54 behind Mike Campbell ;)

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