Gianni Versace Fall/Winter 1996

00:11 Jason Lewis
00:08 Wyatt Nelson, Johnny "Zander" Alexandris and Alex Lundqvist
00:13  Johann Urb (Estonia)
00:16 l-r: Keith Mallos and Mike Campbell
00:22 Philippe (France)
00:28 Berthil Espegren
00:32 Joel West
00:35 Matt King
00:39 Reinaldo Ritts (from Brazil)
00:46 Jason Olive
00:49 Jason Strubel
00:52 Mark van der Loo (Holland)
00:54 Mark Keller
00:57 Amiram Eini (Israelite-Norwegian)
01:03 Johnny Alexandris (Greek-American)
01:04 from l-r: Johnny Alexandris, Keith Mallos, Mickey Hardt (Swiss) and ?
01:07 Mike Campbell
01:08-01:09 Amiram Eini and Jason Strubel
01:15 Gabriel Hill
01:21 Mark Fisher
01:40 Mark Cunningham
01:51 Derek Hebner
01:58 Brett St.Claire
02:00 Alex Lundqvist
02:08 Charles Andrews
02:11 Mark Keller
02:17 Wyatt Nelson
02:21 Matt King
02:26 Jason Strubel
02:29  Mickey Hardt, from Switzerland
02:31 Johann Urb
02:36 Myc Agnew
02:38 Matt King
02:54 Sascha Eiblmayr
03:01 Gregory St.Cerin, Edward Ferguson and Brad Blackwell

Video by FashionTV
Thanks to Israel for helping with Ids


Israel said...

At 00:08 and from left to right: Wyatt Nelson, Johnny "Zander" Alexandris and Alex Lundqvist; 00:13 is Johann Urb (Estonia), at 00:16 l-r: Keith Mallos and Mike Campbell, at 00:22 Philippe (France), 00:32 Joel West, 00:35 Matt King, 00:39 (from Brazil)Reinaldo Ritts; 00:46 Jason Olive, 00:49 Jason Strubel, 00:52 Mark van der Loo (Holland), 00:54 Mark Keller, 00:57 Amiram Eini (Israelite-Norwegian), 01:03 Johnny Alexandris (Greek-American), at 01:04 from l-r: Johnny Alexandris, Keith Mallos, Mickey Hardt (Swiss) and ?, at 01:07 Mike Campbell, 01:08-01:09 Amiram Eini and Jason Strubel, 01:15 Gabriel Hill, 01:21 Mark Fisher, at 01:40 Mark Cunningham, 01:51 Derek Hebner, 01:58 Brett St.Claire, 02:08 Charles Andrews, 02:11 Mark Keller (again), 02:17 Wyatt Nelson (again), 02:21 Matt King (ag), 02:26 Jason Strubel (again), 02:29 from Switzerland: Mickey Hardt, 02:31 Johann Urb, 02:36 Myc Agnew, 02:38 Matt King, 02:54 Sascha Eiblmayr, from 03:01 I could still recognize in order of appearance: Gregory St.Cerin, Edward Ferguson and Brad Blackwell...

Johec said...

was it the last show with Gianni right?

Reinaldo Ritts? :-o wow, interesting lastname

wow at Derek Hebner, very handsome guy.

Israel said...

You're more than welcome. You've never seen Reinaldo Ritts for Gianni Versace on editorials, there's one where he looks AMAZING (not many, but the few I've seen with him-total art, amazing)!!! To be honest with you, since his brand got a little influenced from outside, or someone else, I kind of felt dissappointed with some of the work done since he passed (RIP). He was the creativity at its fullest. I even took some pictures outside his Miami Beach mansion (I was there with my wife for our honeymoon) I told her about the maniac who destroyed such a talented, unique, fabulous, warmth, fun, loved, I can go on forever... individual: GIANNI VERSACE!

Johec said...

I think one of those Reinaldo pics for Versace was reprinted in the Boss Models book (mid 90's) I don't remember any other.

What I remember are the news when before the break they told about a fashion designer murdered but didn't say the name. In the commercials I thought of Gianni but nah! Gianni? so many designers in the world it had to be another the unfortunate victim.

When they returned and said the name "Gianni Versace murdered" I was like =(( :-o :((

That man was a star and changed the pop culture forever.

How great that you visited his former house in Miami, he loved that city.

Israel said...

Of all the people in the world: GIANNI VERSACE!?!? What is wrong with some of these people around us, have you ever watched who this idiot was (a nobody), what he did!?!? Just plain right out stupid! Why do they do pull these kind of stunts? Like the other idiot who killed John Lennon, why!?!? Recognition, attention, fame??? And if that was the case, why try to achieve that through these cowardly and meaningless actions??!?!??
If I could only start scanning and sharing some of the editorials, and pages and pages of fashion for men with you, that could be some elaborate but still fun work ahead of us. Thanks for your time, I hope to start sending you some stuff, you let me know if you're interested, ok? Talk to you later my good friend, and as usual: thanks for your valuable time.

Johec said...

In the 90's I was kind of obsessed with Versace and his world, the campaigns, the photographers .... he was really big, like a pop star.

Of course just from an artistic perspective since I've never had the money to afford his stuff but never cared about that since I think I was more interested in him as a whole act of 80's and 90's popism.

I've never paid many attention to that guy who murdered him, just a couple of tv shows like A&E and E! True Hollywood Story but at the end I guess we will never know the truth. John Lennon was so great too, I'm also a Beatles fan

and yes I'm interested, feel free to share whatever, whenever and wherever you want :)


Gaby said...

I was also horrified at the way Gianni died, and by whom killed him. I was a fan of his designs and his artwork. I still have some of his books.

Johec said...

you have said it right Gaby, he was not only a fashion designer but also a great artist. ;)

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