Jeffrey Brezovar Retrospective

Island Girl sent to me tons of Jeffrey Brezovar pictures to post them and here they are, enjoy! I think it's safe to say that there's no major Jeffrey fan than Island Girl, thanks a lot for sharing!

Salon Talk

British Vogue 1985

Australian Vogue 1987

L'uomo Vogue 1987

Vogue Australia 1988

Vogue Australia late 80's

Willy Wear Campaign 1989

GAGA 1990

Sergio Tacchini 1990

Yves Saint Laurent 1990

French Vogue 1993

Kafka 1994

Aramis 1994

L'uomo Vogue 1994

Interview 1995

Vogue Hommes 1995

Vogue Hommes 1996

Interview 1997

Madame Figaro 1997



Daniel Hechter 90's


90's, Harper's Bazaar by Claude Mougin

90's Daniel Hechter

Model: Jeffrey Brezovar and Gabrielle Reece
Ph: Gilles Bensimon


** all pics scanned by IslandGirl


JC Cortez said...

WOW. Fantastic photos! What a blast from the past. I remember Jeffrey very well from the 90's Seems he was everywhere during that time. Does anyone know where he is now? Is he still modeling? These photos are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing!

Johec said...

yes JC, he looks great even with that skirt :)) My fave is the YSL ad.

check out this post:

Some people was commenting about Jeffrey, including what he's doing these days ;)

Gaby said...

Nice to see all the Jeffrey pics. Anyone know his ethnicity?

Johec said...

not me but I could bet Islandgirl knows it ;)

Island Girl said...

Sorry Guys !! I do not know his ethnicity! I did see Jeffrey on E! entertainment in the mid 90's They did a special on the top 5 male models. I believe it was Marcus Shenkenburg, Tyson, Hoyt Richards, Mark Vanderloo and of course, Jeffrey. I do not know his heritage.. but I remember from that show him saying he was born and raised in the mid west. Wisconsin.. or Minn. maybe.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

Gaby said...

Well, until we do find out its fun to guess! By his features I'm thinking East-Central to Southeastern Europe would be his ethnic origin.

Anonymous said...

Good lord this guy is GORGEOUS! :-o

Anonymous said...

I went to high school with Jeff and his sister Patty. They are from Middleton, Wisconsin, and at least part Russian (the sur name).

Gaby said...

Thank you for telling what you know. Do you know if Jeffrey has had a lot of dance training among his many accomplishments? In some of the pics he looks like a dancer.

Anonymous said...

He was a member of the Wisconsin Singers in college. You can find photos of him as a part of the Singers online. I also heard he was a part of the Grand Ol Opry for a while.

Anonymous said...

I dated Jeffrey for a brief period (6 mo or so) in 2004 (pre Nate). He's a nice guy. At the time he was very busy with his son (who lives in CA) while Jeff lived in NY and FL.

Johec said...

that's great, most people say nice things about him ;)

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