Jeffrey, Tom, Frederic, Rob, Tony, Doug 86

New York Magzine
Men Fall Fashion
Fall/Winter 1986
Models: Jeffrey Herman, Frederic Lagache, Tom Cioffa, Tom Farrell, Rob Russell, Tony Brown, Doug Meyer, David Belafonte
PH: Bruno Juminer


Giba said...

Hi man! Nice blog u got, congratulatins! Maybe u can help me : I'm lookin' fot the name of a 80's/90's model in all web but, i can't find any clue about it.He appears on Versace's Men Without Ties in a b&w picture with a horse and He was a regular model from Internatinal Male Magazine too.Please if u know help me, ok?

Johec said...

Hi Giba, this one?

unfortunetly I don't know his name, maybe any other visitor can help you.

Giba said...

Thanx man... I Keep on lookin!

Johec said...

Hi Giba, his name is Spencer Garbett, he died 12 years ago :-o

Anonymous said...

Looking for name of Verri Uomo model sitting on a couch in a September 1986 Interview Magazine Miami Special Issue.

Johec said...

no idea, don't you have a picture? :-/

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