Pelito Galvez

Brand: Umberto Bilancioni
Year: Fall/Winter 1994
Model: Pelito Galvez

Daniel Hechter Fall/Winter 1992
?, Simon Beardmore, Marc LeRoy, ?, Yaron Fink, Pelito Galvez, Bryan Randall, Angie Everhart, ?, David Proux, Luciano De Luca, Michael O'Connor.

Hermes Fall/Winter 1992

Leonard Spring/Summer 1993

Christian Dior Fall/Winter 1993

Kenzo Fall/Winter 1993
front: Sam Alderson, Pelito Galvez


Anonymous said...

He is a model from Argentina the name is Pelito Galvez

Johec said...

Oohhh!! thanks for the Id, according to modelscomposites.con he was modeling since the 70's :-o

here a recent pic of him

Anonymous said...

Hey one question have old ads of Mario Testino and you have one ads of Istante wirth Jard Allard of the book ok models men

Johec said...

I only have these Parachute ads from fall 84

Israel said...

On the picture with a few of them, I think think I see, from left to right: Alex Lundqvist (Swedish), Simon Beardmore from Australia, Marc LeRoy from France, ?, Yaron Fink from Israel, Pelito Galves from Portugal, Bryan Randall (American), the pretty girl, 8th(can't even see his face, David Proux from France, Luciano De Luca from Italy, and isn't that Michael O'Connor? I hope I'm as accurate as I wanted to present myself, I'm doubting only the 4th and very last one, the rest, it's a fact! I recognized them.

Johec said...

not sure about Alex Lundqvist, was he modeling in 1992?

The pretty girl = Angie Everhart :))

affirmative about Michael O'Connor, it's him.

David Proux, Simon Beardmore are new names to me :-o

thanks Israel

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