Norbert 79

Brand: Vantage
Year: 1979
Models: Norbert Tomas and Scott Mac Kenzie


One of Pat's Brothers said...

Hi Johec!

The guy on the right is Scott Mac Kenzie. I've identified him for you before - I think it's time for you to start reviewing all your old posts! Just kidding! Thanks for the photo of Norbert Thomas - strange name but GORGEOUS guy!!!!

Johec said...

He was too young there, that's why I didn't recognize him without the silver hair :p

Norbert Thomas = the perfect gentleman

One of Pat's Brothers said...

OK, I'll let it go this time! Really, there are certain models I immediately recognize and others that just don't register. I guess we all have are favorites - that's what makes us human.

I have to tell you again how much I appreciate your site - you put a lot of work into and it shows. When you don't post any updates for a while I get worried about you! Hope everything is OK. Keep up the good work!!!

Johec said...

that's true, it happens to me with many 90's models, I think it also has to do with how many pictures we have seen of each model ;)

thanks for the nice words, very appreciated, I have not had time to post as often like the last year but I'll be still here. :D it's a funny hobby.

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