Vogue 91

Vogue Hommes International
Year: Spring/Summer 1991
Model: Ric Arango


Unknown said...

Ric Arango, i think...

Johec said...

really? I think I know more his body than his face :))

Unknown said...

you mean his back? but that's him


Johec said...

yes, most of the pics I have seen of him are of his body, the Obsession ads, The Richard Avedon 94 Versace Camapign ..... I'm not very familiar with his face.

I will upadte the info, thanks ;)

Lynne said...

Most definitely Ric, I'd know him anywhere. I knew Ric in person when he was modelling and life guarding on Key Biscayne, always a very gentle and decent guy who happened to be dead drop gorgeous. Swoon....

Unknown said...

I knew Ric from 1991 Michele Pommier days. Great guy!! Down to earth and fellow dog liover - Julie Winkelmann

Unknown said...

Great guy!! Knew him from 1991 Michele Pommier days. Fellow dog lover - Julie Winkelmann

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