Bill, Bob, Eric,Ted, Thom and Jack 83

"The Business Of Style"
Year: Fall/Winter 1983, September
Models: Bill Shelley, Bob Menna, Ted Dawson, Jack Krenek, Thom Fleming and Eric Boer
Ph: Gilles Tapie
Grooming: Ric Pipino for Pipino-Buccheri N.Y.C
Fashion: Nino Cerruti, Piero Dimitri, Alexander Julian, Giorgio Armani, Henry Grethel, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Pierre Cradin


Anonymous said...

The last picture is Thom Fleming.

Johec said...

:-o I totally didn't recognize him, thanks for the id!

One of Pat's Brothers said...

The blond with the newspaper is one of my all-time favorites: Eric Boer!

Johec said...

:) thanks! now all the models have been identified.

I have seen his cards in but I'm still not familiarized with his face, what year was his peak?

One of Pat's Brothers said...

Let me do a little research and I'll get back to you on that. Like I said, he has always been one of my favorites and for a small period of time he was quite popular (I'm guessing late 70's). I'm actually surprised to see him listed in the archives only 3 times, and as late as 1988.

This calls for some investigative work! If anyone else has information on Eric Boer please let us know.

Johec said...

I googled him but nothing came up :|

One of Pat's Brothers said...

I'm going to go through some old files and see if I can get a better idea of what his peak years might have been. I didn't have any luck Googling him either. Part of the problem is there's somebody out there named Eric de Boer and he shows up a lot.

Hey, I just discovered that Mr. Boer shows up many more times in the archives as Erik Boer vs. Eric Boer, and all through the 80's! I'm almost positive I've seen him in ads before 1983...this requires more investigation!

Johec said...

you're right, he's listed twice :-o Erick and Eric

if you type "Erik Boer" in google with "" you will get a closer result.

maybe he did this movie

One of Pat's Brothers said...

Yes, I came across that movie as well. I tried to rent it from Netflix but it's not available. More research!

One of Pat's Brothers said...


Take a look at the trailer for "Model Behavior" on You Tube - Erik Boer is most definitely in it. You can catch him a few times if you keep your eyes open (blink and you might miss him)! Makes me wonder if other hot models from the period might show up in a scene or two.

Johec said...

you're right, it's him! I saw him like in three different moments, he's like playing the role of an actor :p

nice trailer, super 80's fashion, I like it ;)

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