Jeffrey 91 - 92

Brand: Adolfo Dominguez
Year: Spring/Summer 1991
Models: Jeffrey Brezovar

Jeffrey appears at the end of this video with John Francis and Donna Karan, also Christy Turlington and Helena Christensen.

Donna Karan 1992

Jeffrey is still modeling, this is how he looks these days at 48, wow!

In my opinion he looks better now than in his 20's, check out his old model cards via

Jeffrey is gay and appeared in the cover of Out Magazine in November 2005.


Anonymous said...

And he definitely looks a lot better than most of the lanky teenagers who walk today's runways!

AngelLover said...

I second that !!! :o) :o) :o)

Anonymous said...

I have a collection of Magazines from the 80's and 90's and Jeffrey is basically in every single one of them! Talk about a fantastic career. He looks beautiful in all of those magazines, but I must admit that he looks better now than he ever did! I still see him appearing in major advertising, so he must have had a 30 year career! I'm not sure how many male models can claim the same. I'm also not sure how many male models can look like Jeffrey does, 30 years after the start of his career. He should get the Life Time Achievement Award! LOL.. Congratulations to him!! Bravo!

Island Girl said...

I have some great photos of Jeffrey. How do I post them?

Johec said...

@Anonymous, I agree with everything you wrote, days ago I read the he's known by looking like the late JFK jr, I can see that!

@Island Girl, it would be great to see those pictures, there's a thread about 80's/90's male models in Bellazon forum, they have an uploader of pictures.


upload them via and then post the links here

or send them to me and I will post hem here in the blog


Gaby said...

Jeffrey definitely has been modelling almost three decades; some sources say he has been modelling since 1982. When I was a kid just discovering fashion I noticed his pics long before I ever knew his name. He was one of the ones who really stood out. He's quite accomplished. For someone who has enjoyed the level of success he has never been talked about much in or out of the industry, which is a shame. I'm glad to see all the favorable comments posted about him here; now he's getting some much deserved attention.

Johec said...

I knew his name just the last year searching through but of course I knew his face.

"For someone who has enjoyed the level of success he has never been talked about much in or out of the industry"

that's right, GQ or L'uomo Vogue should make an special edition for all these guys with long and great modeling careers!

JMoore said...

It's nice to read all these nice things about a very special man.
I am an editor to a popular fashion magazine here in New York. I have know, and worked with Jeffrey for a very long time. I believe the reason you never heard much about him outside of the industry, is because although Jeffrey enjoyed modeling, and had an extremely successful career as a model.. he always had other things that he had a passion and interest in outside of modeling. I had heard that he was an incredible artist working with clay. He also became an interior architect i believe, and opened a new hotel in Boston... all the while, he kept his foot in the door as a model, and has always continued to work. His reputation within the industry was golden. Jeffrey was always known as one of the most professional, nicest, and patient models in the industry. There was never an ill word about him, and everyone.. including his agents, would fall in love with him. For me, he will go down as one of the greatest male models ever. It's so nice to see him getting attention he so deserves.

Johec said...

Thanks JMoore for sharing all that info and memories about Jeffrey! I'm sure all his admirers will appreciate it too .

It's great when a model is also beautiful on the inside.

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