Milla and Joel 95

Brand: Escape Calvin Klein
Year: Fall/Winter 1995
Models: Joel West and Milla Jovovich
Ph: Jean Baptiste Mondino

Milla is totally amazing and we had the best time, the whole shoot had a really good feel to it, well organized, Jean Baptiste Mondino is a great guy to work with. The Calvin Klein ad people were wonderful and treated us like celebrities, we each had our own dressing trailer and diector's chair, it was just a really cool shoot.

Joel West: He was awesome to work with (Jean Baptiste Mondino), so much fun. He's this stocky bald-headed French guy, he's just a blast to work with. I had no idea of what I was doing at the time. It was such a massive production. As far as modeling, it was the biggest production I've ever been on. I was so young and yet they trusted me to work with Milla Jovovich on this huge production.

It was in a big Hollywood studio and they built this huge long hallway. It was the first time for me that I realized "Wow, this isn't like modeling, this is like acting." There was a camera, I got to move, and I was like: "Man, I'd love to do movies, I could do this all day." It was a blast. Just three days and the most lucrative job I did in five years. It was a great campaign.

Excerpt of a Milla Jovovich Interview by Glenn O'Brien
Glenn O'Brien: I worked with you years ago on the Calvin Klein Escape TV campaign with Jean-Baptiste Mondino. It was a long time ago, but you can still find the uncensored version of the commercial on YouTube.

Milla Jovovich: Really?

Glenn O'Brien: Yeah. It’s the one where the guy licks your neck and you flip your shoulder straps off and say to the camera, “Take me!”

Milla Jovovich: There’s so much stuff that I would never see again if not for YouTube. There is a performance of mine from when I was, like, 18, in Austin,Texas, at the local record shop, singing with my band. I mean, it’s just the cutest thing ever.

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