Jeff and Daryl 82

Brand: Renoma Paris
Year: Fall/Winter 1982
Models: Daryl Janney and Jeff Stevens


Anonymous said...

Who are you guys? Why are you doing a retrospective of ancient models from the ice age? Just curious. I googled my name and found this website.

Anonymous said...

You can see how popular this site is, "O" comments. Wow! Aren't we happening!

Johec said...

In Internet you will find anything.

why? just for the joy of remembering how GREAT that Ice Age was!

Anonymous said...

That is pretty funny. I did not think there would be a reply. I never saw these pictures of Jeff and I (don't even remember the magazine they were in). Where did you find these pictures?

Johec said...

Ooohh I got it, so you are Daryl Janney! ;)

nice to meet you, when did you stop modeling?

the pictures are from L'Officiel Magazine, I found them online, check it out

Johec said...

btw, do you remember this Fluer Blue commercial with Isabelle Townsend? I love it!

Anonymous said...

How did you get ahold of all these photos and that comercial? No, just an anonymous person.

Johec said...

I found the pictures surfing on Internet ;)

the commercial is from, a GREAT website that I love!

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