Billy Baldwin and Rodney Rowland 86

Brand: Calvin Klein Blue Jeans
Year: Spring/Summer 1986
Models: Billy Baldwin, Rodney Rowland, Lisa Marie Smith, Nathalie Gabrielli and ...?
Photographer: Bruce Weber


Unknown said...


Johec said...

I was almost sure these are by Bruce Weber but that "almost" made me doubt, lol. thanks!

Linda said...

In the second picture on the left side (, the model on the right side is Rodney Rowland.

Johec said...

you're right! it's him and you know what? I suspected when I saw the picture and even was comparing pictures but I was not sure.

It makes sense 'cause Bruce Weber discovered him so I guess that was one of his first ads.

thanks for the id!

Unknown said...

You can add Talisa Soto and Lisa Marie to the cast.

Unknown said...

BTW, do you know from which magazine and date this was taken?

Johec said...

you're right! that's Lisa Marie Smith, but where's Talisa exactly?

Looking again the pics I also see Nathalie Gabrielli, I think she was the girlfriend of Bruce Hulse.

check out her cards, there's a Bruce Weber pic there.

date of the magazine

New York Magazine
3 Mar 1986

Unknown said...

I might have confused Nathalie with Talisa ... I think you're right! You have a great eye!
Thanks for the link! :)

Johec said...

you're welcome ;)

Johec said...

Id Update: Jens Peter

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