Polo Ralph Lauren 1995

Brand: Polo Ralph Lauren
Year: Spring/Summer 1995
Model: Tony Bruce, Cecilia Chancellor and John Rawlinson.
Photographer: Bruce Weber

I've seen that other model in Polo ads since 1988 but I don't know his name, I'm pretty sure Bruce Weber knows it ;), I think he photographed this ad.

update: Gaby has identified the model, he's John Rawlinson.


Gaby said...

The blond man is John Rawlinson. I love the Tony Bruce pics. He and Andrea Boccaletti are two of the most elegant models to come along in the 90's and today.

Johec said...

thanks for John Rawlinson! it's nice to know his name.

and you're right about Tony and Andrea, Tony has great eyes.

Andrea Boccaletti and Enrique Palacios are perfect to me, they both have that classic look that I appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Photographer is Bruce Weber.


Johec said...

thank you Pedro, very welcomed all your contributions ;)

Anonymous said...

The male model left is

Johec said...

thanks but he's Tony Bruce

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