Calvin Klein 1994

Brand: Calvin Klein
Year: Spring/Summer 1994
Model: Michael Bergin and Kate Moss
Photographer: Wayne Maser

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scan: Sara Aubry

Brand: Calvin Klein
Year: Fall/Winter 1994
Model: Michael Bergin and Kate Moss
Photographer: Tiziano Magni


Anonymous said...

Photographer is Mario Sorrenti or Patrick Demarchelier, not Wayne Maser ... need to confirm on my archive.


Johec said...


I just read online part of the Michael Bergin book and he wrote that Herb Ritts was going to photograph the campaign but then they changed the photographer and Wayne Maser was the one.

check it out

"I was there with the great Herb Ritts, right? I was in front of a white backdrop, one of those huge white rolls you see at all the photo studios, in nothing but my jeans. Herb Herb was talking to me, cooing. "Turn this way. A little to the left. Smile. Good. Hold it. Flex the the abs, Michael." And then, boom! Just like that, it was over. The whole thing hadn't lasted five minutes. "Thank you very much for coming," he said and left. I went home, knowing I'd fucked up and obsessing over it.

the good news, and when we got back I called my parents to tell them all about it. "Mom," I said. "I'm it. I'm the next Calvin Klein underwear guyr, "That's ... that night. The next morning the agency called and said there had been a change of plans. My heart sank. I didn't get the job, I thought. It was all a big mistake. But fortunately, the change had nothing to do with me. The agency had opted to use Wayne Maser instead of Herb Ritts. I didn't know Wayne, but I'd heard that he was unfriendly and unpredictable.

Unknown said...

OK, none of both I mentioned earlier, photographer is Tiziano Magni! Sorry!

Unknown said...

Please check this:

Johec said...

you're right! there were two campaigns, SS by Maser and FW by Magni, Michael Bergin mentioned that second campaign by Magni photographed in June 94.

thanks! mystery solved. =)

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