Mark Vanderloo and Jason Lewis

Mark Vanderloo and Jason Lewis for Guess Fall/Winter 1996 by Dean Isidro


loo said...

wooowoo, mark vanderloo is so hot, he's my fav always

mark's thread

jason is hot too~~

Johec said...

thanks, I know that forum but I'm too old for it hehe

Gaby said...

Oh, at Modelhommes many of the people there, staff and regular members, are lying about their ages big time. I'm entering my thirties, but I'm sure that many of them are a lot older than I am, even though they pretend to be younger. Its more of a maturity thing, I guess. That seems harsh, but I had some negative experiences there, so being kind is difficult.

Johec said...

thanks for sharing your point ;)

I just noticed they tend to idolize very young models, the younger the better.

and I have no problem with that, everyone has its own tastes and it's normal they look for stuff of actual models but I'm not into that fascination for teens.

there are many older male models working but they are simply ignored there, it's like a sin to be older hehe ;)

btw, I'm 33 years old .

Gaby said...

Thank you for your comments.

In a way I have no problem with their idolisation of younger/new models. What bothers me is the lack of respect for more established/even older models, and for those who take an interest in them. It makes a mockery of their claim that they are interested in and represent all male models. Most of them are not the cultivated fashionistas/modelwatchers they claim to be, just people looking at (preferably new, preferably skinny)eye candy. Its really all about whom they happen to like:nothing else matters. I embarassed them on many occasions by exposing their lack of knowledge about fashion and male models. As a true fan of male model of all ages and someone with a deep and abiding love of fashion I find this abhorrent. Maybe I'm too high-minded, but its the way I feel.

I'm sorry for going on for so long, but I needed to vent. You might have to start a discussion section.

Johec said...

don't say sorry, I'm interested about what you have to say so I happily read all what you write, besides I 100% agree with you ;)

I've also noticed their lack of knowledge, they hardly are interested in photography, fashion or any other thing further than a pretty teen face.

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