Gianni Versace Spring/Summer 1999

00:15 Scott Barnhill
00:18 Edward Ferguson
00:23 Jarl Allard
00:25 Mike Campbell
00:31 Chris Tschupp
00:33 Cedric Jimenez
00:39 Erik Baker
00:45 Naomi Campbell
00:49 Carmen Kass
00:52 Martin Segerson
00:56 Benjamin Jackson
00:59 Magnus Lindgren
01:03 Roman Seefeldt
01:07 Wayne Bregulla
01:10 David
01:13 Ryan Locke
01:31 Franco Musso
01:43 Colin Egglesfield
01:47 Jason Ertola
01:50 Martin Segerson
01:54 Claud Gilbert
02:04 Ivan Abujamra (Spain)
02:06 Arnaud Lemaire (France)
02:11 Omar Hogben
02:14 Greg Butler
02:20 Ivan de Pineda
02:30 Chris Walters

Video by FashionTV
Thanks to Gaby and Israel for helping with Ids


Gaby said...

00:39 is Erik Baker; 00:59 is Magnus Lindren; 01:03 is Roman Seefeldt; 01:31 is a model named Jean, I think (first-name only male model); 01:43 is Colin Egglesfield; 01:54 is Claud Gilbert, and 2:07 is Claud Gilbert. The others look familiar, but the names are so far not occurring to me.

Israel said...

At 00:15 Scott Barnhill, 00:18 Edward Ferguson, 00:23 Jarl Allard, 00:25 Mike Campbell, 00:31 Chris Tschupp, 00:33 Cedric Jimenez, 00:38 Eric Baker, 00:52 Martin Segerson, 00:56 Benjamin Jackson, 00:59 Magnus Lindgren (Swedish), 01:03 Roman Seefeldt, 01:07 Wayne Bregulla, 01:10 David "can't remember his last name" again, 01:14 Ryan Locke, 01:31 Franco Musso, 01:42 Colin Egglesfield, 01:47 Jason Ertola, 01:50 again: Martin Segerson, 01:54 Claude Gilbert, 02:04 Ivan Abujamra (Spain), 02:06 Arnaud Lemaire (France), 02:11 Omar Hogben, 02:14 Greg Butler, 02:30 Chris Walters (English-Dutch)... I hope I'm as accurate as it is needed.

Johec said...

I was wrong with Eric Watson, it's Cedric, thanks for the right id.

01:31 Gaby says Jean and and Israel says Franco Musso.

I googled "Franco Musso" and apparently he's a photographer now.

Israel said...

I watched the whole video again, and definitely, it is this gentleman from Argentina: Franco Musso, he's got very specific bone structure and facial features.

Johec said...

oookayy, thanks ;)

Gaby said...

I realized that it was Franco Musso a few hours after I posted that it was Jean. Jean wasn't as masculine.

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