Mark Carney by Fabrizio Gianni

80's male model Mark Carney shares some of his modeling portfolio, this post is about his work with the great photographer Fabrizio Gianni.

Men's Vogue
"Un Look di tutto reposo"
Year: 1981
Model: Mark Carney
Ph: Fabrizio Gianni

Arbiter Magazine
Year: 1981, November/December Issue
Models: Mark Carney, Jiles Kirkland and two female models.
Ph: Fabrizio Gianni

Les Copains
Models: Mark Carney and ?
Ph: Fabrizio Gianni

On his own words:

"I had the pleasure of working with Fabrizio in 1981 on several bookings. I was a model with an agency called Fashion Model (Luigi Salvioli) in Milan where Fabrizio booked me. We did a shoot in Morocco (Marrakech and Ouarzazarte) for a week for Arbiter Magazine (Marina Rossi) and other shoots in Milan studios for Men's Vogue and a few other magazines. He had an assistant then named Pasqaule.

Fabrizio was the one who gave me the break to become a successful European model as he liked to be the first to work with promising unkowns.

Working with him was fantastic. He knew and visualized the picture he wanted before he shot it. Themes, props, locations, etc. were meticulously planned before the image was taken and his professionalism was unsurpassed. I remember one photo series in particular where we were in a Marrakesh square shooting a line of clothes with cobra snakes surrounding me. Fabrizio had a way about him that working in such a situation was invigorating because the shot would be worth it. He would take industry breaking photos and use a fictitious name for the photo credits because of his humility.

Socializing with him was equally rewarding. His detailing and sharing of his life experiences and knowledge was fascinating. He also had a pretty good tennis game. He is the type of person that whether your working with him or breaking bread with him, it is an experience you will never forget. He had a very positive impact on my life. Thanks Fabrizio!" - Mark Carney, 2010

Arbiter Magazine
Year: 1982, January/February Issue
Model: Mark Carney
Ph: Fabrizio Gianni

 "those glasses were Fabrizio's glasses.  He had me wear them one time and he liked them on me so much, he wanted me to wear them for some of the photos when were in Africa." - Mark Carney

All the scans provided by Mark Carney, thanks!


Tamina said...

One of the great editorial's of that time was shot by Aldo Fallai for Arbiter titled una moda sempre di moda , shot in Venice at the Hotel Daniele. I believe it was the March,April 1982 issue. The model on pages 102,106,107and108 was Peter Aratari.

Johec said...

that magazine is really rare so practically I will never see it but if it was photographed by Aldo Fallai it surely was the best.

thanks for posting ;)

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