Beppe Trevis facebook member uploaded to Youtube many videos of the golden years of GIANNI VERSACE, they are really great, I had never seen a whole show, help with Id's if you can.

some vids were deleted because of PRINCE, he really sucks about his music being deleted from youtube.



Models: Michael Ostheim, Steven Lyon, Yaron Fink, John Francis, Deryl George, Scott Kuhagen, Jamie Shephard, James Hyde, Rick Arango

PART 1/4

PART 2/4

PART 3/4 DELETED by music copyright

PART 4/4

- FALL/WINTER 1990 -

Models: John Francis, Yaron Fink, Olivier Debray, Michael Ostheim, Antonis Fragakis, Rick Arango (maybe), Jamie Shephard, David Knight?, Greg Stone.

PART 1/2

PART 2/2


Cameron Alborzian, John Francis, Yaron Fink, Brian Buzzini, Deryl George, Steven Lyon, Jamie Shephard, Greg Stone, Scott Kuhagen, Scott King?

PART 1/3

PART 2/3

PART 3/3


Models:  Cameron Alborzian, John Francis, Brian Buzzini, Gregg Avedon, Scott King, Rick Arango, Brad Harryman, Brian Solano, Gary Meir, Scott Kuhagen, Greg Stone, Jamie Shephard, David Knight?


Models:  Marcus Schenkenberg, Brian Buzzini, Steven Lyon, Maximo Morrone, James Hyde, Adnan Taletovich, Gregg Avedon, Hansel Rodriguez, Rick Arango, Jac Carruthers,Naomi Campbell, Thom Gwin, Jamie Shephard, Greg Stone, David Knight?

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Israel said...

Among the ones I was able to recognize, are: James Hyde, Thom Gwin, Marcus Koelman, Rick Arango, Michael Ostheim, Scott Kuhagen, Matthew Thompson, Marcus Schenkenberg, Eric Osland, David Knight, Yaron Fink, Deryl George, Cameron Alborzian, Tom Tripodi, Michael Bunker, Deno Frangopoulos, Adnan Taletovich (Bosnian, cool!), Bryan Randall, Scott King, Brian Buzzini, Greg Avedon, Hansel Rodriguez, Jac Carruthers, Eric Etebari, Chris John, Brett St.Claire, Orlando Palacios, Stewart Marriott, Horacio, Rob Sporrer, Justin Watson, Paul Locatelli, Tommy Preston, Jamie Shephard, Greg Stone, Steven Lyon, Zane O'Donnell, John Foster, Danny Hayes, Maximo Morrone, Antonis Fragakis, Sam Alderson, Brian Solano, Brad Harryman, Gary Meier, John Francis... among others, I hope you find this not only useful but entertaining as well. I'm still missing a few (kind of hard to distinguish based on the video's resolution and the focus of the camera-men). Thanks for your time, as always..!

Johec said...

yes Israel, very helpful, thanks :)

I don't know these ones.

- Marcus Koelman
- Matthew Thompson
- Chris John
- Brett St.Claire
- Stewart Marriott
- Horacio
- Danny Hayes
- Orlando Palacios

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