Photographers: Wes Bell

Again missing the 90's, Wes Bell is another photographer whose style in the 90's is fantastic, very natural and manly.

left to right, Michael O'Connor, Mark Vanderloo, Mike Campbell and Gabriel Hill

left to right, Peter Nolet, Matt King and Douglas Tjelmeland.

left to right, Ray Brown, Nick Scotti and Hermes

Who is he? I'm sure he was one of the tops of the 90's but no idea about his name.

Sadly nowadays his pictures are mostly about boys and they look plastic and heavily photoshopped. They should bring back the men! teens inspire me nothing, besides I like to see pores and wrinkles.


Gaby said...

The last man is Jeff Forney. He may have a few pics here already. And you're right about so much of the photography of day in male modeling/men's fashion.

Johec said...

lol, I was looking for his name and he had already been identified here :))

I totally didn't recognize his face in those Armani ads, thanks Gaby ;)

he's a photographer now :-o

One of Pat's Brothers said...

Well said, Johec...I agree with you completely about the models of today vs. yesterday!!!

Johec said...

It's annoying how all these great photographers followed that lame trend, who really care about a teen with porcelain skin? :-/

One of Pat's Brothers said...


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