Male Models in Movies: Red Shoe Diaries

Red Shoe Diaries is an erotic drama series that aired on the American cable television network Showtime from 1992 to 1997 and distributed by Playboy Entertainment overseas.

Many of the episodes were starred by Top Male Models that were aspiring actors, and also by famous female faces like Joan Severance, Suzanne Lanza, Neith Hunter and Amber Smith

US web surfers can see the episodes for free via Hulu, here some links and captures of the guys.

Season 2 (episode 10) - Liar's Tale - Model : Terrence Sheahan,cEpisodes,1,0

Season 2 (Episode 3) - Naked in the moonlight - Model: John Enos,cEpisodes,1,0

Season 2 (Episode 7) - Burning Up - Model: Mark Zuelke,cEpisodes,1,0

also Anthony Guidera, better known in the modeling world as James Guidera

Season 2 (Episode 13) - You make want to wear dresses - Model: Maximo Morrone,cEpisodes,1,0

Season 1 (Episode 11) - Bounty Hunter - Model: Ronny Marquette,cEpisodes,1,0


Season 2 (Episode 9) - The Game - Model: Frederick Washburn,cEpisodes,1,0

Season 2 (Episode 1) - Midnight Bells - Model: Carsten Norgaard,cEpisodes,1,0

Season 2 (Episode 7) - Runway - Models: Miguel Blasco and Frederick Washburn,cEpisodes,1,0


Anonymous said...

Don't forget John Enos AND Antonio Sabato Jr. were both in Melrose Place!

Johec said...

I was such a fan of Melrose Place but I totally forgot that John Enos was there :-o

here the man:

thanks livejourneluser

Anonymous said...

I can't see it!

here, try this:


But you're very welcome. Call me Sam, btw.

Johec said...

thanks Sam, now I remember both characters, those were the days when I watched many TV. ;)

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