Deryl, Cameron, Ray, Scott 91

"The Double Life of a Suit"
Year: Fall/Winter 1991, November
Models: Deryl George, Cameron Alborzian, Scott Benoit, Ray BrownAnthony Bernard and Tom Whelan
Ph: Fabrizio Ferri
Grooming: Jetty Stuzman for Clouthier L.A
Fashion: Paul Stuart, Bergdorf Goodman, Bill Robinson, Ralph Lauren, Corneliani, Sabato Russo, Hugo Boss, Valentino


Israel said...

From top left (Clockwise): Scott Benoit, Deryl George, Anthony Bernard, Ray Brown, Tom Whelan and Cameron Alborzian. I do have this magazine, I actually used to buy 2! copies, since one of them, I will eventually cut them and do some creative things with them, kind of like my own collage.

Johec said...

Really? wow, now I'm curious about how many magazines you have :))

only you could know the name of every model, thanks for illustrate me, I remember Anthony Bernard from that Nine West 97 campaign with Helena and Fumero and Bocalletti.

Tom Whelan is a new name :)

Israel said...

Thanks to some retard, I actually lost many American, mid-80's GQ Magazines along with hundreds of magazines about cars, motorcycles and some other stuff, I've got, not as many Mondo Uomo as I would like to have, but I'm still buying those early ones online (at least, trying), there was this one by the name of Top Model, didn't live long, some European GQ's, some very nice Uomo Collezioni, Uomo Book, and these $140.00 US, big tall magazines from Japan, and Details, FHM (Europeans), even some random names... some cool stuff! Thanks for your time and enjoy your nice and very cool weekend, talk to you later my friend.

Johec said...

Mondo Uomos are rare, great magazine.

I've never had any Uk GQ'S are they good ones? :-/

Israel said...

Yes! Excellent memory... he was part of this campaign with David Fumero, Andrea Boccaletti and Helena...
I wanted to mention a couple of things, I might have hundreds of actual pounds (kilograms) of pages that show male model fashion art, advertisements, some of them would actually state and give credit to anything from the photographer, to the actual models, the make up artists and what not... some of them only provide you with information on the actual clothing and the designers responsible for them (understandable, since they're trying to promote their clothing items and artistic rendering-and it's their business), other than that, it was up us on how to find out the models' names, whether you found them on other means (tv, more editorial, different periodicals, etc..), we didn't have the Internet all throught the 80's up until mid to late 90's...

Johec said...

It would have been so great to have Internet in the 80's, I always dream about that :)

I never knew that much about the models but remembered the faces, the name of the photographer printed in the ads was always great.

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