Bruce 84

Brand: Jeffrey Banks
Year: Spring/Summer 1984
Models: Bruce Hulse and Ed Flory


One of Pat's Brothers said...

A little research always pays off (and what better way to spend an evening than looking at pictures of gorgeous men?)! The nordic blonde is Ed Flory. He's presently represented by "Jennifer Diehl Production & Talent" in Ketchum, Idaho and he's a basketball coach at Hot Shot Basketball Camps, LLC, also in Ketchum, Idaho (go figure!). I can't say he's aged as well as other models of the period but he sure looked good during his time in the spotlight.

Johec said...

ohh yes, the guy of the Calvin Klein ad! thanks for the Id, very handsome guy, I like the picture where he's wearing a hat.

and yes, he has changed, I just visited that "Jennifer Diehl Production & Talent" website, but also those are candid pics, we would need to see a professional/studio pic :p

One of Pat's Brothers said...

Oh, Johec, you are being way too kind to Mr. Flory! Are you saying all these gorgeous guys need help (i.e. hair, makeup, just-the-right-lighting, etc.) to look good? Hmmmm, that must be why I never got into modeling - not the right lighting!

I like the large picture of Ed because I like his hair in that photo. I also like his archive head shots (for the same reason)! I'm nothing if not predictable!

Johec said...

nope but in some cases we can't deny that a Superphotographer can make wonders. :p

we just needed to be photographed by Rico Phulman to be a male top model :|

Johec said...

btw, you are going to like a picture of Billy O'Briant picture that I will post in a minutes, big great 80's hair! ;)

One of Pat's Brothers said...

Trust me, it would take more than a good photographer to turn ME into a model!!!!

Yes, great picture of Billy O'Briant...thank you! But he doesn't come close to the big great 80's hair of Barry Kaufman, Scott C. Connell and Brian Lucas in the Fall/Winter 1983 Tannery West ads (your January 19 posting)! You get a special "thank you" for that one!

Johec said...


I also loved that ad

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