John Foster 94

Vogue Hommes
"Hom, et Novateur"
Year: September 1994
Model: John Foster
Ph: J.D Lorieux


Anonymous said...

I read on International Male website in 2002 that John Foster died.Does anyone know when and how he died? He was one of my favorite models. .

Johec said...

SO SAD!!! I had no idea but googling I just realized that it's true, he died in 2001. :(


John Foster, age 37, died July 26 at the Emerald Coast Skydiving Center in Elberta, Alabama, USA.

He was filming a tandem pair. He deployed his main chute at 2,500 feet, but it got tangled in the camera on his helmet. He tried to cut away the main chute but could not get it completely cleared.

As he deployed his reserve chute at 1,000 feet, it got tangled up in the main chute. He landed hard in a field with the two entangled canopies.

He was conscious when rescuers reached him and was air lifted to a nearby hospital where he died about four hours later.


Aerial Photographer Killed in Florida
Posted Thursday, July 26, 2001

PENSACOLA, Florida. (AP) - An experienced aerial photographer plummeted 11,000 feet to his death Thursday after his parachutes became entangled and failed to open.

John Foster, 37, was videotaping a skydiving instructor and a student when his main parachute became entangled with his reserve chute, and both failed to open.

He landed in a field in Elberta, Ala., and was taken to a Pensacola hospital, where he died. He had head and leg injuries, a hospital spokeswoman said.

The chutes getting tangled was a freak accident, said Pat Stack, who works for Emerald Coast Skydiving and was the drop zone manager for the jump.

"It's just not something that happens," she said.

Stack said Foster had made 6,000 to 7,000 jumps and often was hired to record other divers' jumps.

"He jumped all the time. He loved the sport," Stack told the Pensacola News Journal.


:-o I'm shocked, he just mentioned in that Boss Book interview how he loved skydiving.

"sky diving is my new thing, it's like being a human airplane going up 15,000 feet and free falling for about 70 seconds"

Anonymous said...

I kind of figured it had something to do with parachuting, but I was never sure. I have that Boss book with that interview. It was at the height of the male models in about 1996 when NY had men's fashion shows. I was a novice with the computer in 2002 when I first heard of his death. You did better than me in googling. I tried several times over the years and couldn't find anything about him. So very tragic.

Johec said...

months ago I was trying to find via google if he was still modeling or not, never imagined that he had died 9 years ago, so young!

Gaby said...

I'm shocked as well. I had no idea he was dead until seeing it on the site.

Anonymous said...

He did THE most gorgeous and sexy advert for YSL Rive Gauche in the '90s. Awesome pic. On favourite models. RIP, John.

Kyle C. said...

I knew him for years and through the years he became more and more God centered. He died doing what he loved and he loved everyone he knew. The best man I ever met. I will always miss him, but strive to be the man he was. If I wanted something someone had, it was the relationship John G. Foster has with God. What an inspiration and an impact he made is peoples lives, mostly mine.
RIP your friend. Kyle C.

Johec said...

Really nice words for him, thanks for sharing memories.

Unknown said...

See ya on the other side my friend...Marcus just told me of your death. I hope you're with Alan and I look forward to laughing once again with you. Semper Fi brother, I am sad.

Unknown said...

See ya on the other side my friend...Marcus just told me of your death. I hope you're with Alan and I look forward to laughing once again with you. Semper Fi brother, I am sad.

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