Greg 91

Brand: Rasgo de Puig
Year: 1991
Model: Greg Hansen


AngelLover said...

Wow !!!

I missed this one !!

Aaaawww, that face !!!

Thank you Johec !!!

:o) :o) :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Ive been looking for this commercial for a while. Thanks for putting it up.

Greg Hansen

Johec said...

Hi Greg! I'm glad you finally found it, you can download it in a little better quality here ;)

it's great to know about your new projects, I didn't know you have that agency with Sascha and the other 2 guys, fantastic website and reel!

Anonymous said...

c'est Greg qui a ecrit juste au dessus ...c'est fou...
hello Johec je n'arrive pas a telechager la pub ...tu peux faire quelque chose ...

Johec said...

yes, it was Greg ;)

what does this mean? :-/

"je n'arrive pas a telechager la pub"

Anonymous said...

je ne peu pas télécharger cette vidéo: ((

Anonymous said...

i can t download this video :((

Johec said...

I uploaded it again :p


Anonymous said...

merci beaucoup :-*

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