Daryl 83

Brand: Claude Montana
Year: Spring/Summer 1983
Model: Daryl Janney
Ph: Arthur Elgort


Anonymous said...

Who is the goofy model? Oh, I see... Mr. J. the not so famous "supernobody". I remember him not at all.

Johec said...


I think he was fairly known, I see in his model cards of Peter Marlowe that he worked with all the great photographers,

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. D.J. did the cover of Bruce W's first book. He was also the first photos in the book as well ( the large coffee table book with the negative b & w image on the cover). Did you know that Mr. W. never paid his models for the photos used in his books? Not quite fair, but very Martha at the very least.

Johec said...

really? I didn't know it's Daryl! I've never seen that book, only the cover.


didn't Bruce paid his models? :-o maybe because they were pictures from previous already paid photoshoots :-/

btw, what is Daryl doing these days? :-/

Anonymous said...

Nope, my fine friend. The trick was to take photos for his books at the same time as an editorial job (therefore he had a release). He then would use whatever photos he wanted for his book(s). Sometimes the model(s) would get a copy of his book(s), but that was it. Bruce was shooting major editorial jobs and all of CK's campaigns. Therefore any model that wanted to work would not complain (good publicity, I guess). It was a very small world at the top, and if you made a mistake you would dissapear from the pages of any major magazine. Alot of power from a few top players.

Anonymous said...

Not sure about Mr. DJ, last I heard he was trying out for the TV show "The Biggest Loser". I heard he weighs about 325 lbs., not sure though.

daryl's wife said...

Wow...last I heard, Daryl was married, had 5 kids, a pregnant wife, was constantly googling himself, and blogging ANONYMOUSLY about himself with his new BFF johec.

Johec said...

=)) I suspected it since the beginning, could Anonymous confirm his identity? thanks daryl's wife!

325 lbs? :-o

Johec said...

you're right Anonymous, definitely a small world in the 80's, now there are tons of magazines and photographers :-o it's great but at the same time very blah. that's why there are not super novas these days. ;))

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