Greg 93

Brand: Mennen Hommes
Year: 1993
Model: Greg Hansen
Director: Tony McGee


Anonymous said...

Wow, Greg Hansen is gorgeous! Thanks for posting that. Along with Alain Gossuin and Werner Schreyer, they were my favorites.

Johec said...

I was also wowed when I saw that commercial ;) very, VERY handsome guy.

Johec said...

Oh and I also like Alain a lot! ;)

Anonymous said...

I know Alain is working on his clothing line, but no news of Greg Hansen since. I wonder what he's up to?

Johec said...

Greg is still modeling, check out his portfolio, still handsome as usual!

Anonymous said...

J'ai essayé de retrouver cette pub sur le site de l'INA mais je n'ai rien trouvé.
Tu peux Mettre Avoir un lien pour la vidéo comme tu l'a fais pour la pub du parfum démon?
Si c'est pas possible N'est ce pas grave ... je sais je suis folle de lui ....

Johec said...

I couldn't find it anymore in :-o

but I had it in my files, here it is

anissa said...

Un grand merci Johec.
je me le regarde au ralenti et je suis au paradis.

Johec said...

You're welcome Annisa ;) that's a great commercial.

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