Ed and Billy 87

"Preview: Made in the USA - Brand News"
Year: Fall/Winter 1987
Models: Billy Baldwin and Ed Locke
Ph: Rudolf van Dommele


Anonymous said...

Billy B. I wonder if Alec helped him get a start in modeling and acting (no academy awards yet, but he is still young).

Johec said...

It was Bruce Weber who helped to be a model in the mid 80's, Alec was also starting his career in those years.

Anonymous said...

Billy B. rolled with Click in the beginning. Did he really have a killer modeling career? Or was it a stepping stone to riding on his famous brothers coat tails? Did Bruce discover Billy? Just wondering. I thought Billy's modeling career was something short of stellar, but I'm not sure. What do I know anyway.

Anonymous said...

Did not know Bruce "supernovice" Hulse was quite so famous. Ahhh, the things I don't know. Wish he had told me...I would have gotten him to autograph his card, I could sell it on e-bay.

Johec said...

Billy was modeling from 1985 to 1989, I don't think he was the ultimate male model but appeared in several GQ editorials, that's something since not everyone was in GQ.

Did you met Bruce Hulse? :D

Anonymous said...

Met Billy once and knew Bruce from a few jobs (I was a photographers assistant, freelance...mostly moved around heavy batteies and lights as well as got coffee. Not too glamorous but it paid the bills). I have not thought of or seen these guys for 25 years. Also good friends with Joey from Click (he handled all the money, Francis Grilles son). If I wrote a book it would not have any pictures on the cover and the title would not be anythng like Bruces "memoir". I think it is amazing the time and effort you have put into the web site. Definitely unique. Keep up the good work.

Johec said...

oh well, I wish I had a job like that :) what photographers were you assisting? :-/

what would be the name of you book? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, let me think...Jade A., Bruce W., Ricoh P., Richard A., Fabrizio G. , Knut B., Keisha K., Paul C., Donald S., Ken H., Perry E.... If you can guess all the last names, then you really are an expert in ancient model history from the "supernova" era.

The title would be "Diary of a non-existant model, dwarf star of fashion." It would alude to all the major players of the time, but the names would be fake, the stories real. It would be like the "Davinci Code" except interesting and not plot driven religious-psycho- bable from ancient catholacismic rituals (is that even a word?) . No popes would be harmed in the writing of this book. If you think anyone would be interested in a book about the ice age of modeling, I would write it. Keep up the good work, peace out (don't know what that means, but my 12 year old says it all the time).

Johec said...

wow, I'm impressed, you've left me speechless.

let's see

Jade A. :-/
Bruce W. Weber ;)
Ricoh P. Puhlman ;)
Richard A. Avedon ;)
Fabrizio G. Gianni ;)
Knut B. Bry ;)
Keisha K. :-/
Paul C. :-/
Donald S. :-/
Ken H. :-/
Perry E. :-/

I'm not an expert of the "supernova" era :( but I'm an 80's obsessed fanatic so you have to tell me who they are, my fingers are ready to google them =))

You have to have really interesting memories about assisting all that bunch of legends, I'm all eyes to read all you have to write :p

"No popes would be harmed in the writing of this book" =)) could you make an exception with Benedicto? :|

I would buy your book ;) do you know this 70's/80's fashion facebook?


there's definitely people interested in the ice age of modeling!

peace out 70:p

Anonymous said...

Jade Albert (female fashion photographer of men and women) , Kiesha Keeble, Paul Cavaco (husband and wife art directors, did alot of big shows), Donald Sterzin,(infamous art director of GQ in the early 80's), Ken Haak (Bruce W. was Kens assistant before striking out on his own), Perry Ellis (no explanation needed).A few were curve balls, but you did well. What are we talking as far as numbers interested in this time period? I think what a lowly assistant observed may be more than most would beleive, in the mythical world of the fictional modeling world. Can't believe you don't know Koshe, he was the "Haleys Comet" of modeling in Kazikstan.

Johec said...

hey, I know who Paul Cavaco, Donald Sterzin and Perry Ellis are! I thought that you were only talking about photographers. :)

"What are we talking as far as numbers interested in this time period?"

well, it's hard to know it but I think it's all about how a book is promoted and how interesting in content the book is, even some non-interested people could suddenly get interested.

Koshe? :p

Anonymous said...

What is new in the cyber-world. Saw a recent picture of Bruce H.> Wow, when he turn onto Mr. Furley from Threes Company? He reminds of an old Bruce Jenner, makes Nick Nolte look healthy (just kidding). I hear he is scheduled to do a shooting for AARP magazine.

Johec said...

^ :))

what is new is your return to the cyber super nova world :p welcome back.

AARP magazine, are you going to be in the shooting? :-o

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