1983: GQ Cover Boys

Again 9 covers of 1983 were for male models, this time missing the info of the male model of the February Issue.

Model: Billy Gleason
Month: January
Ph: Barry McKinley

Model: Randy Lee
Month: February
Ph: Bruce Weber

Model: Bruce Hulse
Month: March
Ph: Rico Puhlmann

Model: Rashid Silvera
Month: April
Ph: Eric Boman

Model: John Toppa
Month: May
Ph: Knut Bry

Model: Bill Woods
Month: July
Ph:Rico Puhlmann

Model: Scott C.Connell
Month: August

Model: Jack Krenek
Month: September
Ph: Rico Puhlmann

Model: Billy Gleason
Month: October
Rico Puhlmann

* October was the last issue with a male model on a GQ cover, Art Cooper took over the magazine and the famous male model era was done.

non-models covers: June (Mel Gibson) , November (Joe Theismann), December (Michael Caine)

Source of the covers: GQ Official website


Anonymous said...

I think I have this one, also.
Brian Terrell on the February cover.
Again, listed in 1983 & 1984 on Peter Marlowe's archive.

Johec said...

wow again =)) you really know about 80's models, right? tonight I will post 1981 and 1980, maybe you coul help cause there are some guys whose names I don't know ;)


Anonymous said...

I love the early 80s. I had scans of most of the magazines and couldn't rest till I knew all the names of the men.Can't wait to see them. Thanks!

Johec said...

yes, the early 80's/mid 80's models were incredibly handsome, I guess it's time to buy some of those GQ's =)) they are very wanted in ebay!

I've buying some late 80's issues, I also love that era.

Johec said...

Randy Lee is the name of the model of the february cover, check it out.


Anonymous said...

Wow missed that one. Thanks for the correction!
They looks so much alike!

Johec said...

I agree! they look alike.

Ron said...

WOW! Now THAT'S impressive! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

I had an original copy of the FEB 83 issue but over the years it has been misplaced/lost. Where can I get another copy?

Johec said...

you're welcome Rod!

@Anonymous, Ebay is the best option!

Unknown said...

I realize this is a few years old but I just happened to come across this site. Very cool. Oh by the way the Feb 83 Randy Lee just happens to be my brother. He had only been modeling a couple months when this came along. Rather cool story behind how he got this. Nice to see all the positive comments.

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