Polo 94

Brand: Polo Ralph Lauren
Year: Spring/Summer 1994
Model: Marcus Koelman


One of Pat's Brothers said...

I think this is Marcus Koelman. He's done a lot of modeling for Land's End - believe it or not - just like Peter Nolet has done as of late. I found Marcus at Unity Models but have not been able to find Peter Nolet anywhere. I was surprised to see that Marcus had at one time modeled for Ralph Lauren (I always thought he was too good for Land's End - good grief!).

By the way, I enjoyed looking through your recent list of "favourites" - thanks to your web site I can now say I know who they are!

Johec said...

how handsome! thanks for the ID, it's him. =)

he's also here


and Peter Nolet is here



One of Pat's Brothers said...

Thank you - I love having new model sites to review! I have Louisa models bookmarked but did not know about Select Models or Chadwick Models (boo hiss on the latter one - can't enlarge the thumbnails AND they mix men and women)!

By the way, I'm surprised at how many models, especially the more mature ones - those are the ones I usually recognize - are represented by so many agencies. I see Bernard Fouquet popping up all over the place! Perhaps mature models are harder to come by?

Another question. Do you know the name of the Tommy Bahama model - the gorgeous guy with the gray hair? I came across him on one of the modeling sites but now I can't find him and I've forgotten his name. If anyone would know who he is I'm SURE you would! (I remember it's an Italian sounding name which doesn't surprise me.)

OK, your site has distracted me enough (for the time being) and I have to get back to the real world! Thanks, as always, for the escape!

Johec said...

Andrew "Andy" Lucchesi is his name, I remembered him very well 'cause he was very popular in the early 00's.


btw, I thought he was a veteran but I just read this:

"Tommy ads feature a handsome, silver-haired male model from northern California, who was chosen after a national casting call. He is now the face of Tommy Bahama, the literal embodiment of the brand."

so I guess he started older in those Tommy ads.

I've also noticed how many mature male models are being represented by the agencies, great! it's not only about weird looking 16 years old boys.

One of Pat's Brothers said...

Thank you! Believe it or not, I remember first seeing Andy Lucchesi in an Eddie Bauer catalog (!) circa 1995. He had darker gray hair but was still quite a "looker" - nothing compared to what he looks like today, however, with that silver hair (some guys just get better with age).

I agree, I am so over weird, androgenized teenagers! Enough with the pouting already! ;-)

Johec said...

yes, I hate those pouty fashionista poses in men's fashion, it's ridiculous.

I justlove the classic thing, men have to look like men. I miss Aldo Fallai and Bob Krieger a lot.

About Andy I read he started to be the Tommy model since 1999, they defined him as "not too young, not too old, virile, adventurous, sexy"

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