Ed, Tom, Walter, Francois, Darrick 87

"Working Class" - Part I
Year: Fall/Winter 1987
Models: Ed Locke, Tom Farrell, François Bazinet, Walter Schupfer, Darrick Harris
Photographer: Lothar Schmid

François and Tom

Walter, Tom, François and Darrick

Tom, François,Darrick, Ed and ??


One of Pat's Brothers said...

The guy on the right actually owns a big modeling agency today. His name is Ed Locke (http://www.lockemanagement.com) and he represents a lot of mature models like Bill Curry, Brian Lee Allen (who is doing a lot of television commercials these days), Brian Quern, Bruce Hulse, Hoyt Richards, Joe Kloenne, John Palmer, and Thomas Bradley. I remember Ed because I always liked his bookworm looks - so different from most of the other male models.

Johec said...

One of Pat's Brothers, you're star!! finally I know his name, for years and years I've seen his face but had no idea about his name.

and I've visited www.lockemanagement.com many times but never clicked on that "About Ed Locke" section.

How great that he has his own modeling agency, what to great movement.

Many thanks One of Pat's Brothers! ;)

One of Pat's Brothers said...

You're welcome, Johec! And just to keep things interesting, I "think" Ed had a brother that was also a model. I don't remember where I got that info but it's stuck somewhere in the back of my brain. Of course, if Ed did have a brother that was a model you would think he'd be represented by Locke Management, wouldn't you? Care to do a little research?
PS I LOVE your site!

Johec said...

Interesting info! I searched all over LockeManagement.com but there's no other Locke surnamed model there.

btw, how do you know so much about models, are you only a fan or were working in the industry?

One of Pat's Brothers said...

I majored in Fashion Illustration in art school and then worked for a big department store after graduation doing layouts for men's clothing and accessories. I kept a file of magazine ads and got to recognize certain models (and get crushes on them at the same time!). Though I have long since left the industry I still have remnants of that file that I peruse from time to time. Plus I have a very good eye for facial features (I do portraits as a sideline and I enjoy studying faces). I've gone through almost all of Peter Marlowe's archives and have enjoyed being able to finally put names with familiar faces. There are still a few in my memory that I've yet to discover but I have faith that I will find them one day!
Discovering your blog was very exciting-it's the only one I visit on a daily basis. Keep up the good work!!!

Johec said...

great job! I guess it was fascinating.

I've also visited the Peter Marlowe archives many times, it's simply amazing, in fact it inspired me to create this blog, I knew many models, mostly the famous ones but others I had no clue about their names and as you say it's great to associate faces with a name.

btw, who's your very favourite model? ;)

thanks for your nice words, I'm glad you like this blog.

One of Pat's Brothers said...

Hey, I'll tell you mine if you'll tell me yours!

It's hard to pick my favorite, but if forced to pick one I would have to say that it's Eric Boer. Don't know what ever happened to him. The last time I saw him in print was in a Bergdorf Goodman Christmas catalog back in the late 70's. I like John Palmer as well. He was on the cover of a Sharper Image catalog back in the mid 80's and I've seen him on a lot of stock photo sites since then (gorgeous curly gray hair and beautiful eyes). He's represented by Ed Locke Management.

I noticed you spelled "favourite" the European way. Are you located in the states or are you based "across the pond?"

By the way, how do YOU know so much about models and photographers?

Johec said...

wow! with John Palmer, he has aged very well, I even think he looks better now.

I've seen Eric Boer in modelscomposites.com but don't remember him, he looks older in those cards so I guess he was big in the 60's and 70's, am I right?

I also have many faves but I especially like

1 - Jeff Aquilon
2 - Bill Curry
3 - Bruce Hulse
4 - Walter Schupfer
5 - John Pearson
6 - Grant Caradine
7 - Terrence Sheahan
8 - Nick Constantino
9 - Cameron Alborzian
10 - Scott King
11 - Andrea Boccaletti
12 - Enrique Palacios

oh and I forgot Matt Norklun, Michael Flinn, John Enos, Rob Simonson, Rob Russell, Jesse Harris, Alain Gossuin, Tony Ward, Brian Buzzini ...... and the list goes on. =)

I'm based "across the ....... border" cause I live in Mexico, lol

and I'm just a fan of the fashion world from the 80's to mid 90's, like 18 years ago I used to buy GQ's and Vogues so that's why I got familiarized with models and photographers.

I would definitely have liked to be a photographer or editor of a magazine but things are different here in Mexico so I picked a "normal" career.


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