Rod Rowland 88

Brand: Ciao Sportswear
Year: Spring/Summer 1988
Model: Rod Rowland

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for years I was wondering who he is and finally a fan via email identified him in this Corneliani campaign, Rodney Rowland is his name and he's an actor too!

Wikipedia bio

Rodney G. Rowland (born February 20, 1964) is an American actor. He is credited as Rod Rowland in more recent productions, given his predilection to being called Rod. Rowland's most noted appearances to date were as 1st Lieutenant Cooper Hawkes in 1995's Space: Above and Beyond and Wiley P. Coyote in The 6th Day, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Born in Newport Beach, California, Rowland is the youngest of 4 children and the son of a minister. After brief time as a student on a watersport scholarship at Pepperdine University, Rowland went to Europe and worked as a model for Haute Couture labels like Gucci, Versace, and J.Crew. On the suggestion of Bruce Weber, he began taking acting classes and took on roles in film and theater.

IMDB Filmography

A fan website

thanks to Laura for all the info and links!


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