Jeff 81

Brand: Jas. K. Wilson
Season: Fall/Winter 1981
Models: Ted McGinley and Jeff Aquilon


One of Pat's Brothers said...

Well, here I go again! I think the guy on the left with Jeff Aguilon is actor Ted McGinley. Looks like he got started in modeling and then went on to movies and TV (probably very soon after this photo was taken). I picked up the following at

"Ted McGinley - 51 (Cursed actor responsible for the downfall of every series he's ever joined. Think about it. "Happy Days", "The Love Boat", "Dynasty" and "Married With Children" all "jumped the shark" after he joined the cast. He also got "Hope & Faith" cancelled. Ted McGinley is PURE POISON, disguised in a well-chiseled package.)"

Check it out and see what you think (I may be lousy with names but I'm pretty good with faces!).

Johec said...

that made me laugh =) not the most flattering description for an actor, how unlucky!

I think it's him in the ad with Jeff Aquilon, the same nose, the same mouth, eyes and that great hair.

he also appeared in that "The Making Of A Male Model" movie with Jon-Erik Hexum, I have seen the movie (many years ago) but don't remember him, I have to see it again!

he's very handsome, look at this video

thanks for the ID, you really have a good eye.


One of Pat's Brothers said...

Thanks for the video link! Yes, he does have great hair. I'm a big fan of longer hair on guys and am surprised this "trend" of shorter hair has not run its course! It all started in the mid 90's when George Clooney, at the height of his TV popularity on "ER" (and who has an amazing head of beautiful curly hair - did you ever see him in the early "Rosanne" shows where he played her boss?) got his hair cut in a short "Julius Caesar" style. In my opinion it was all down hill from there!

Anyway, go to: and type in image number 42-16664804 and you'll see what I mean!!!

One of Pat's Brothers said...

Oh, check out this video, too!

Johec said...

I also like longer hair but not long LONG hair (Attila, Fabio, Marcus ...)

In my opinion Matt Norklun and Grant Caradine had great hair.

I couldn't see that corbis pic but I know that Julius Caesar hairstyle, not everyone looks good with it.

George Clooney looks good with everything, he has great hair, like in that Rosanne youtube vid you posted. ;)

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