Bruce Hulse 1990

H pour homme
Gemey Paris 1989
Model: Bruce Hulse and Marpessa Hennink Challa
Director: Luc Besson


Bruce Hulse said...

I havent seen that spot since I shot it. The girl in the commercial is Marpessa who was my girlfriend at the time. The director was Luc Besson. He had just shot the Big Blue and was a really cool ,great guy. Would love for you to profile my book on your site! let me know if you need an interview. Peace and Love, Bruce Hulse

Johec said...

Hi Bruce! it's sensational to have you here, I've always admired your career and longevity in the industry.

I didn't recognize Marpessa in the commercial but watching it again I can see it's her, and thanks for let us to know it was directed by Luc Besson, simply great!

Of course it would be GREAT that you could answer some questions for this blog, do you have any email address to send you the questions? mine is, you can contact me there.


Unknown said...

As a Weber collector I've always loved Bruce Hulse early editorials published in L'Uomo Vogue (Farmer Look, June 1982) and in British Vogue (Under Weston Eyes, December 1982). In my modest opinion, these are some of his best work during his long career. I looked at all the photos on his website and was surprise that he did not include the magical cover and editorial shot by Steven Meisel for L'Uomo Vogue 1998 anniversary issue (July/August , #292). I'm wondering if he did anything else before with Meisel? and with Avedon?

Johec said...

Hi Pedro, Gaby and guys, tomorrow I will send some questions to Bruce Hulse.

If you want me to ask some specific thing feel free to leave your questions or suggestions here or via email


Bruce Hulse said...

Those were two of my all time favorite shoots!!! Weber had me research Weston before that shoot. My girlfriend Nathalie was used for the first time as a model in that shoot. She went on to have a great career. A nude of me from that shoot was later sold at Sothebys for $35,000. I think it was one of the first published nudes in British Vogue. I never worked with Avedon. a big regret!! I did work with Meisel many times and just a few years ago for Italian Vogue. He is a lovely guy. I didnt like that cover beause I wanted it to be just me. LOL!!! Oh I write a lot about theLuomo Vogue Farmer look shoot in my memoir SEX,LOVE and FASHION. It was my first shoot with Bruce and a life changing event!

Johec said...

Bruce, there are 4 Herb Ritts photo shoots described in your book.

1 - A december Mademoiselle editorial with Nathalie Gabrielli, do you remember the year?

2 - A photoshoot in a town called montecatini, in Rome.

any more info about where was it published?

3 - there's in your book a picture of Herb Ritts with Donald Sterzin, from a GQ photo shoot in Long Island.

again, do you remember what issue of GQ?

4 - finally, where those pictures with Nick Constantino were published?


Johec said...

btw, since I thought I didn't know that "Under Weston Eyes" editorial I looked for some info and found this

familiar pictures of course!

but isn't that girl Talisa Soto? or both models, Nathalie and Talisa, were in the editorial?

Bruce Hulse said...

Both Models were in the shoot. Talisa was just 15 and starting out at Click. It was Nathalie Gabriellis first shoot. Later her brother Laurant became a model

Unknown said...

Mr. Bruce Hulse THANK YOU so much for your comments!

One of Ritts editorials described could possible be the one published on L'Uomo Vogue October 1984 #145 under the title Una Giacca, Un Cappotto.

Unknown said...

For those interested, I found the following advertising references featuring Bruce Hulse:

Fenicia (L'Uomo Vogue Oct 1985, March 1986, Sep 1986)
Trussardi (L'Uomo Vogue Oct 1985)
Gianni Versace (L'Uomo Vogue Jan 1987)
Corneliani (L'Uomo Vogue Jan 1987, July/Aug 1988, July/Aug 1991)

Johec said...

yes Pedro, he mentioned L'uomo Vogue in the book so that has to be the one. thanks for the info.

also for those advertising references, I've seen those Versace and Corneliani ads.

Bruce Hulse said...

Check out this interview It just came out. Should have those questions answered by next week. Bruce

Johec said...

thanks for letting us know! great interview and selection of pictures, I absolutely love that one with the cigarette by Ritts, it's my favourite of you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I haven't seen this either!
So sweet to watch this, isn't it Bruce? I'd love to have a copy!
Thanks for posting Joe!

Best regards,


Johec said...

Hi Marpessa! it's really nice that you posted here, only a few hours ago I saw your posts in Bellazon!

You are very beautiful and a fantastic model :X how to forget your fascinating catwalk for Gianni Versace!

I took the commercial from, a french website, you can download it here

any problem let me know :p

Marpassion said...

Found it, thank you Johec!

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