Brad and Nigel 87

Brand: Valentino Uomo
Year: Fall/Winter 1987
Models: Brad Harryman and Nigel Paul Redding
Photographer: Robert Erdmann

Brad Harryman took his life on August 2, 2000, he was 34 years old.

I found this picture:
image hosted by
source: via webarchive.


Gaby said...

I remember the faces of both these men, but it's nice to finally know their names. I'm sorry Harryman killed himself (I'm going to assume he was the guy to the left). They both remind me of the model Kevin Rice

Johec said...

there were several blonde models like them in the 80's, all of them very look-a-like, and I agree about Kevin Rice, he looks like them.

sad what happened with Brad, only 34!

Anonymous said...

I knew Brad so deeply in paris at this time : greatest life in the world
so sorry he got suicide in NY for so bad reasons...
He is still in our memories and probably always in Claudia memory too.....
Patrick , a very close friend of Brad and Alain Gossuin..........

Johec said...

thanks Patrick for leaving a comment, I was very surprised when I got aware of his death, that website tribute is very touching, it's a shame it's not online anymore.

What Claudia do you mean? :-/

Anonymous said...

Today, once again I relive my the night of Brads's death....His phone call, How I asked if I could just finish what I was doing (he did not sound upset), I called him back in less than a minute and he would not pick up. I called for the next hour and decided to drive into the city but then decided that he must have stepped out....2 days later I found out he had taken his life...

I miss Brad in my life for I loved him with all my heart, he inspired me and we lifted each other ..he was my Best friend.........

Why did I just not stop and speak with him? That very second..That cross I will forever carry.......Today you fill my thoughts more than ever....Love You! Brad....Carlos R.

Johec said...

very touching words, thanks for sharing your feelings, I can imagine how you've felt all these years. :(

hugs for you

Carlos Ramos said...

Must have sounded pretty selfish....but I miss him....some days more than ever..Yesterday was one of those deep missing him days..had gone on line to find a picture of him to reset my screen saver and found this website....

Made me happy to see it...Thank You!

Carlos R.

Johec said...

you're welcome, he was such a great model!

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