Fabio and Marielle 1987

Brand: Andrew Marc
Year: Fall/Winter 1987
Model: Fabio and Marielle Macville


Anonymous said...

Sorry but I always thought Fabio looks exactly like an Afghan Hound. I swear, go look at pics of these dogs and tell me he does not! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Me again... Except for him, BEAUTIFUL website. I had to say that... You have good taste and did a wonderful job. Thank you for making it. Sophie. (I'm the Anonymous above as well as the ex-model who wrote the 2 comments about the sexy CK ads' 15 year olds being probably more mature and sexually responsible than the adults criticizing the campaign. No way to sign a name w/o a URL so I picked Anonymous!)

Johec said...

Sophie =)) well, the hair is similar.

I have always wondered about how Fabio would look with short hair, maybe like a brother of Michael Flinn.

mariellemacville said...

hysterical!! may I tag myself!! had no idea i worked with Fabio!!!

Johec said...

really? :)) funny! he was not that famous in 1987, I didn't know the girl is you :-o

I just included your name and reposted the picture since it had been deleted of the server.

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