Gianni Versace - Spring Summer 1993

Gianni Versace - Spring Summer 1993 collection,

Models: Marcus Schenkenberg, Brian Buzzini, Steven Lyon, Maximo Morrone, James Hyde, Adnan Taletovich, Gregg Avedon, Hansel Rodriguez, Rick Arango, John Foster, Jac Carruthers,Thom Gwin, Jamie Shephard, Greg Stone, David Knight, Eric Osland, Tom Tripodi, Sam Alderson, David Knight, Zane O'Donnell, Eric Etebari, Chris John, Daniel Leza, Dirk Winkler John Haynes, Michael Bunker and Naomi Campbell.

all videos uploaded by Beppe Trevis

Advertising photographed by Doug Orway.

Rick Arango, Jac Carruthers, James Hyde, Naomi Campbell, Maximo Morrone, Brian Buzzini, Steve Lyon

Images of the catalog :



Gaby said...

In the picture, the first guy to the left (Naomi's right) is named James Hyde.

Johec said...

You're the best Gaby!

finally I know his name, thanks!

Israel Baltazar Toscano said...

With Naomi, from left: Rick Arango, Jac Carruthers, James Hyde, Maximo Marrone, Brian Buzzini and Steve Lyon

Johec said...

Ohh the famous Ric Arango is there, too bad he almost didn't appear in the picture :p

Jac Carruthers is a new name to me, I didn't find anything about him online.

thanks Isarel!

Israel said...

1st video on top: Zane O'Donnell on blue
John Haynes on green,
Maximo Ma/orrone, Rick Arango and James Hyde. Next video,
2nd video on the bottom (in order of appearance): Rick Arango, James Hyde and among the others ones I could hardly see but still recognized, (due to video quality/resolution and mainly the focus of the camera goes wild and all over the place): Chris John (Mr. Perfect), Daniel Leza, Dirk Winkler, Eric Etebari, Matthew Thompson, Jac Carruthers, Hansel Rodriguez, Eric Osland, Marcus Schenkenberg, Carey Stokes and I'm not sure about the rest...

Johec said...

So the guy with the stylish catwalk is Zane O'Donnell? I didn't recognize him. :)

thanks a lot Israel for the new id's, Tom Tripodi there is really a surprise.

I just updated the post with the videos of Beppe, could you point out in what minute these models appear?

Chris John
Daniel Leza
Dirk Winkler
Matthew Thompson

I've heard about Leza but I don't know who he is.

and Carey Stokes? I know who he is but I don't find him in the videos. :-o

Unknown said...

This collection has some of the most handsome men i have ever seen. I have a question the video is not on here anymore but it is on Vimeo. Who is the 2nd guy on the left wearing a white shirt when the Prince songs starts. He is a god.

Johec said...

His name is Michael Bunker.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much. The models on this show are beyond gorgeous.

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