Runway pics from 1984

Lucien Fonciel

Gianni Versace, I really like this, at least it looks great on him, months ago I posted here an ad from that same season.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Giorgio Armani

Perry Ellis - model: Barry Kaufman

Lucien Fonciel

François Girbaud

Perry Ellis - models: Barry Kaufman and Jeff Aquilon


Gaby said...

The fifth guy is named Robert Tyler. He turned actor, but I don't think he is active now.

loo said...

the Giorgio Armani guy looks nice~~
in 70s 80s or 90s, can you find the Giorgio Armani men's ads??

Johec said...

thanks Gaby! had no idea about his name.

Loo, I think I have some Armani ads from the late 80's and 90's, I will eventually post them, not 70's, though, lol ;)

Johec said...

Robert Tyler = Barry Kaufman, you were right Gaby!

it's him in both Perry Ellis pics.

Anonymous said...

Daryl Janney was in that Perry Ellis show and he was on the cover of DNR from the show. Any pictures of him? He was not very well known, but he did all of the Perry Ellis shows and was a fit model for most of Perry's mens line from 1982-1986. Did not know Barry Kaufman was also the lead singer of Aerosmith. Wow.

Johec said...

you're right, in that same page Daryl appears too! I will post it in a few minutes, small pic but a good one, also Michael Harder and more Barry Kaufman.

but wait, how and why do you know so much about Daryl? :-o you're Daryl right?! :))

and it's Steven Tyler the guy of Aerosmith, not Robert Tyler :)) btw, I love Aerosmith, one of my fave bands, yeah! ;)

Anonymous said...

I do know Daryl, he hung out with Wills R., Brian Coolahan and Ed Flory back then. I was friends with them as well. I was an oarsman in college but did not have a chance to model (teeth crooked and ears stuck out, the kiss of death in the modeling world in the 1980's). Ed Flory worked with Bruce Hulse on the beaches of wildwood, New Jersey. Ed was cool and thought of modeling as fun but did not define himself as a model. In other words, he (as well as many other model/athletes of that "era") was humble. Others from that era were/are "star" struck (i.e. not so humble) I guess it comes down to the reality that the "top" models of that time were the MOST down to earth and self-effacing in speach and actions (i.e. walking to appoinments, wearing regular clothes and not telling strangers on the street that they were models). Maybe their story should be told, as a contrast to what people beleive it was like in the early 80's.

Anonymous said...

Where is a picture of the little known DJ? I thought it would be posted by now. He told me that he has the clothing designed by Perry for the 1984 Fall show that he wore (in the show). I wonder if those clothes have any value today. He was also given a suit worn by Ric Edwards.

Johec said...

I posted it days ago here


not sure if those clothes could have any economic value today, there's always people collecting vintage stuff like Versace or Mugler, why not Perry Ellis? ;)

it's really nice to read your memories, see, you should write a book about models and photographers!

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