Attila von Somogyi 1981

"He was incredibly graceful, like a ballet dancer, and had such masculine movements, like an athlete, and there was that hair" - Bruce Weber


Amanda said...

I googled his name when I remembered a poster i had as a teenager on my bedroom wall,of a long-haired model named Attila - think he was in a blue jean shirt. Nice.

Johec said...

nice memory Amanda! thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

I'm probably dating myself here, but back in 1981-82 I used to go to the same beach as Attila. It was directly across from the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara and was thronged with gorgeous people. 1981 Playboy Playmate Kymberly Herrin also hung out there. A good friend of mine back then went out with Attila a couple of times. She said he was very down to earth.

Johec said...

:)) it's ok, that's the purpose of this blog, celebrating the good old days and the older models of today.

thanks for posting, it's always great to read stories about these guys.

btw, I didn't know who Kymberly Herrin is so I googled her name, whatta woman!

Sarah D. said...

I met Attila in the summer of '83: working as a nanny for a NYC family at their Southampton home, it was my day off, and met Attila along with other model friends who were staying with Randy Schindler, founder/publisher of Hamptons Newspaper Magazine. I hung out with them at Randy's on some of my days off, and thought Attila was not only incredibly gorgeous, but very sweet and kind as well. I gave him a back massage once, he had a TINY 29" waist and his hair was super silky conditioned, and in INCREDIBLE shape. Ahh, memories!

Johec said...

thanks Sarah for posting your memories, for comments like yours and other posters it seems he was a great guy!

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